Subaru USA Set A WRX/STI Sales Record In July 2015

Last month, Americans drove away from Subaru dealerships in 3,716 new WRXs and STIs, a record for the Impreza-based hot-hatch duo. Year-over-year volume jumped 85% in July 2015, an increase of 1,711 units for the Subaru brand, which shot up 11% to 50,517 total sales, the first time since last August that Subaru Of… »8/03/15 2:03pm8/03/15 2:03pm

What New Car Did We Pay For With Our Own Money? Hint: Not A Miata

At Jalopnik, the Miata is always the answer. In my own books, the Volkswagen Golf GTI is often the answer. I’m inclined to believe that a modern, full-size, crew cab pickup truck, or perhaps a Chevrolet Suburban, would also disturbingly appropriate for many families.
»6/29/15 3:48pm6/29/15 3:48pm

Mustang Performing Well In U.S., Destroying Rivals In Canada

It’s not at all surprising to see the Ford Mustang achieving impressive sales figures in its American home market. Through the first five months of 2015, Ford has sold 56,571 Mustangs in the U.S., a 55% year-over-year increase. That 20,000-unit improvement compared with the first five months of 2014 has stopped… »6/18/15 12:23pm6/18/15 12:23pm

Bored Yet? U.S. Subcompact Crossover Sales Jumped 95% In May 2015

Well documented already this month were the U.S. sales results from the Honda HR-V’s first (abbreviated) month on the market. 6381 HR-Vs were sold in America in May, 674 more than the Chevrolet Trax managed in its best month yet, nearly 2000 sales more than the Jeep Renegade achieved in its second full month in… »6/08/15 11:08am6/08/15 11:08am

May 2015 U.S. Automaker Market Share Chart - Sergio Style

There’s no hiding the fact that Sergio Marchionne wants to marry his Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to a rival automaker. Maybe the Volkswagen Group? General Motors looks awfully desirable. If two-thirds of the old Detroit Three got together, why not add Ford Motor Company to the mix? »6/03/15 1:50pm6/03/15 1:50pm

Volkswagen USA Sold Only 1,488 Wagons In April 2015

Volkswagen Of America last sold a Passat wagon in 2011. The final 56 copies were sold that year. There was never any intention to introduce a wagon version of the current, Americanized Passat in North America. Across the pond, their different Passat can still be purchased in wagon form. »5/22/15 12:10pm5/22/15 12:10pm

There Are Maybe Seven Porsche Cayman Drivers In PEI, Or Maybe Six

GCBC's deep connections to Prince Edward Island cause us to pay particular attention to a video on one of the island's few four-lane roads, a bypass outside the capital of Charlottetown, in which an exceedingly rare Porsche Cayman goes completely mad. It's like watching a dog eat a spicy onion after being told he must… »3/31/15 6:54pm3/31/15 6:54pm